Research Facilities of the AI Institute

Recent advances in machine learning strongly depend upon sophisticated computational resources, primarily GPU clusters and advanced parallel computing facilities. The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Stony Brook University, a research university, with a major research instrumentation (MRI) grant in order to build a heterogeneous computing infrastructure to support machine learning research. The AI Cluster serves as a primary resource for researchers across AI related disciplines at Stony Brook University, in order to develop their research with efficacy and efficiency.

Since its inception, the AI heterogeneous GPU cluster includes: 1. An eight GPU DGX A100, 2. Large memory (1.5 TB RAM compute server), 3. A four node cluster with an additional 32 GPUs. The accessibility of this cluster has enriched research efforts across an array of disciplines such as: Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning), scientific disciplines (Biomedical Informatics, Chemistry, Ecology, and Linguistics), and Computer Science. Access to the cluster is available for all students and faculty affiliated with the AI Institute. 

Research activities are primarily conducted in the New Computer Science Building, which opened in July 2015. The new facility comprises a total of 70,000 square feet and consists of 20,000 square feet dedicated to 18 research labs, including the Data Science Laboratory, NLP Lab, and Center for Dynamic Data Analytics.