Graduate Courses in AI

Academic departments at Stony Brook offer a rich variety of courses and programs in Artificial Intelligence and related fields.  Here we summarize the offerings of particular departments:

Computer Science 

Course offerings in Artificial Intelligence

  • CSE 505 Computing with Logic

  • CSE 512 Machine Learning

  • CSE 519 Data Science Fundamentals

  • CSE 525 Introduction to Robotics

  • CSE 527 Introduction to Computer Vision

  • CSE 537 Artificial Intelligence

  • CSE 538 Natural Language Processing

  • CSE 544 Probability and Statistics for Data Scientists

  • CSE 545 Big Data Analytics

Engineering Machine Learning Systems Certificate Program

The Engineering Machine Learning Systems certificate program educates about the optimized engineering of computational learning systems used in real-world, big data applications. Students will also study modern technologies used in devising such data systems,  Comprehensive, hands-on student projects on designing, implementing, and testing real-world learning systems are part of the certificate program.