Graduate Courses in AI

Academic departments at Stony Brook offer a rich variety of courses and programs in Artificial Intelligence and related fields.  Here we summarize the offerings of particular departments:

Computer Science 

Course offerings in Artificial Intelligence

  • CSE 505 Computing with Logic

  • CSE 512 Machine Learning

  • CSE 519 Data Science Fundamentals

  • CSE 525 Introduction to Robotics

  • CSE 527 Introduction to Computer Vision

  • CSE 537 Artificial Intelligence

  • CSE 538 Natural Language Processing

  • CSE 544 Probability and Statistics for Data Scientists

  • CSE 545 Big Data Analytics


Specialization in Artificial Intelligence

The pending specialization in artificial intelligence emphasizes modern approaches for building intelligent systems using machine learning. Details will posted here upon official approval, but we anticipate offering this specialization starting Fall 2019.