Anatoly Frenkel

Anatoly Frenkel
Anatoly Frenkel

Office:208 Engineering Bldg. Stony Brook, NY

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Physico-chemical properties of nanoparticles and disordered systems, piezo-, ferro-, pyro-electricity and electrostriction in thin films, mechanisms of doping and diffusion in semiconductor quantum dots, mechanisms of work of functional nanomaterials (catalysts, filtration materials, actuators). Development of in situ operando techniques and synchrotron methods (spectroscopy, scattering and imaging). Development of machine learning methods for structural analysis of nanomaterials.


Post-Doctoral Fellow (Physics), University of Washington, Seattle. 1995-1996 (advisor: E. A. Stern)
Ph.D. (Physics) Tel Aviv University, Israel: 1995 (advisor: A. V. Voronel)
M.Sc. (Physics) St. Petersburg University, Russia: 1987 (advisor: L. N. Labzovsky)

Professor, Stony Brook University, 2016-present
Professor, Yeshiva University, 2007-2016
Associate Professor, Yeshiva University, 2001-2007
Research Scientist, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1996-2001
Research Associate, University of Washington, Seattle, 1995-1996
Research Assistant, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 1990-1995
Research Engineer, Institute of Acoustics, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1987-1990


  • Physico-chemical properties of nanomaterials
  • Structure-property-function relationships in applied nanomaterials
  • Mechanisms of work of catalysts, electromechanical and novel filtration materials, quantum dots and batteries
  • Development of machine learning methods for materials research and discovery
  • Development of synchrotron-based techniques in materials characterization
  • Development of in situ/operando techniques for studies of functional nanomaterials


Fellow of the American Physical Society, 2017 Weston Visiting Professor Fellowship, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, 2015-2018