Ruwen Qin

Ruwen Qin
Associate Professor of The Department of Civil Engineering
(631) 632-9341
Ruwen.Qin [at]


Intelligent transportation systems, smart civil infrastructure systems, human sensing & analytics, human-AI collaboration, human-robot collaboration


Dr. Qin’s research falls in the areas of data analytics, machine learning, and systems engineering. Using data captured by various sensors and other methods, she creates analytics tools and artificial intelligence (AI) models for analyzing, understanding, characterizing, and modeling people, systems, and processes. She seamlessly integrates the developed analytics tools and AI components into existing engineered systems to effectively turn them into cyber-physical systems, intelligent automation systems, and smart connected systems. Applications of her research include (i) human analytics for worker safety and efficiency enhancement, (i) computer-vision for intelligent transportation and civil infrastructure systems, and (iii) data visualization and data mining.